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We’ve told you before that one of the very best things about what we do is the privilege of elevating local producers who are doing amazing things – for our community, for our economy, for our environment. At the end of the day, what we do is about connecting you to the wonderful things they have to offer.

One of those wonderful things is happening at a nearby farm in Varnville, S.C. called Solo Verdi Meats. Solo Verdi produces superior quality, healthy, and flavorful grassfed beef right here in the Lowcountry –   a truly remarkable thing that should have us all jumping for joy.  It’s beyond the scope of this little blog post to get into all of the elements of meat production – and what’s wrong with the vast majority of the meat we eat – but here’s one quick way to get the message across: “You are what what you eat eats.” That’s why it’s so important that Solo Verdi cows are all born, raised and fed on premium quality grasses. There is no corn, no soy, no grain of any kind, in the feed they use – and that means one big, important thing: These are happy cows, cows that are living and eating the way nature intended, which means you are too when you buy from Solo Verdi.

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A passion for doing things right and commitment to a quality product are all the things that ring true when you speak to Solo Verdi’s Owner & Farmer, Pearson King. “The most important thing to me is making high-quality, ethically-produced food available to as many people as possible,” he says, reflecting on his family’s decision to begin raising cattle. “We got fed up with not being able to find a source for beef that was raised with respect for the animals, the environment, and the people consuming it.”

It doesn’t take long to realize there is a strong commitment to food justice behind Solo Verdi’s farm. But Pearson knows that food justice does not end with ethical production: “You have to also make good food accessible, both physically and economically,” he explains. And that’s where we happily come in. Our Mobile Market is designed to overcome common geographic, economic, and time constraints that often make accessing healthy, local, and ethical food a challenge. We hope to provide a service not only to our shoppers, but to our vendors as well, which is why we’re so thankful for partnerships with producers like Solo Verdi.

“It goes without saying that supporting Lowcountry Street Grocery has just always been the right choice for me, as a farmer and as an activist.” – Pearson King, Solo Verdi Meats

Right now, Solo Verdi has generously partnered with CrossFit Wappoo to throw a little support our way as we work to get our Mobile Market on the road. They are raffling off several $50 Gift Cards for Grassfed Beef from Solo Verdi –  $3 a ticket for Crossfit Wappoo Members and $5 a ticket for non-members. You can buy tickets in person or by contacting .CrossFit Wappoo – website & facebook.

You can also learn more about Solo Verdi, their products, and how to purchase by visiting their website or facebook page.




If you are interested in becoming vendor aboard our Mobile Market, please contact us today!