Photo Credit: Keith Bradshaw
Photo Credit: Keith Bradshaw




Lindsey Barrow Jr., founder and director

The story of Lowcountry Street Grocery begins with its founder, Lindsey. Several years ago, while working in the Hawaii State Legislature, Lindsey was tasked with bringing additional farmers’ markets and fresh food outlets into his district’s low-income/low-access community. This work was the first spark in what would turn into a passion for imagining more sustainable, innovative solutions to food access issues. Upon returning to Charleston, Lindsey began farming and devising plans for improving healthy food access in underserved communities across the Lowcountry, and the idea for a social enterprise Mobile Farmers’ Market was born. Over the course of the last four years, he has become an advocate for Charleston’s local food economy and food insecure communities.



Kate DeWitt, associate director

Kate DeWitt, M.P.A., joined Lindsey in 2014, and has served as as Lowcountry Street Grocery’s associate director since that time. Kate’s public service background includes providing consulting, evaluation, and capacity building services to area nonprofits and government entities. Her area of specialization is the evaluation of local food systems, food insecurity, and food assistance program implementation. Kate is passionate about imagining better solutions to social problems like food insecurity from an evidence-based, social-entrepreneurial approach. At LSG, Kate works largely behind scenes, building community partnerships and managing LSG’s internal operations. >


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