Rebellion Farm, Ravenel S.C.


Advancing the growinphoto 3g popularity of the farm-to-table initiatives, Lowcountry Street Grocery’s operations will encompass all stages of the food supply chain, including both production and distribution.  In addition to our small farmers’ cooperative that will supply the majority of our local product and our wholesale partners that will supply everything else, LSG leases the rights to roughly 4 acres at Rebellion Farm in Ravenel, S.C. focusing on organic and specialty-crop production.

There, we are currently focusing energy on cultivating a better understanding of organic farming and experimenting with different revenue streams.  Engaging in our own production of local produce will help to alleviate standard variable costs associated typically associated with produce retailers. It also provides opportunities bolster our model’s financial stability by engaging in wholesale distribution of speciality crops to local restaurants and chefs. In addition to our own production, we will partner with a cooperative of small, young, and beginning farmers  to provide produce for our mobile market.



Microgreens Production

LSG is currently the sole local provider of Microgreens in the Lowcountry. Microgreens are newly sprouted vegetables known for their depth of flavor and beautiful presentation.  They are an opportune product for LSG since they are five times more nutritious than their fully matured parents.  Unlike typical agriculture products, micros’ success does not rely upon season and weather, but grown exclusively in a greenhouse.

We currently supply several local restaurants and chefs with fresh microgreens, which are delivered directly from our greenhouse at Rebellion Farm. You can find our micros on the menu at:

  • Edmunds Oast
  • FIG
  • Indaco
  • The Ordinary
  • The Ocean Room at Kiawah Island



If you’d like to inquire about our microgreens production and including micros on your menu, contact us today!